Prepare Yourself For A Hurricane


It may seem that unless you live in areas where there is a hurricane season that the likelihood of encountering a hurricane is minimal but as someone who lived through the great unexpected hurricane of southern England in 1987 all I can say is ‘be on your guard’.

Make sure you are ready just in case there is a hurricane looming, make sure you are well prepared before, during and after the hurricane hits and ensure you get the following checklist printed out and very importantly, use your common sense.

So before we delve into what you should and should not do exactly what is a hurricane?

Well according to the Royal Meteorological Society who know more than a bit about these things, a hurricane is a storm system rotating around an area of low pressure which produces strong winds and heavy rain. Technically the system is called a tropical storm if wind speeds are between 34 and 63 knots and it is only classified as a hurricane in the wind speed exceeds 63 knots. A hurricane is on average 500 miles wide and 10 miles high and moves forward like an enormous spinning top at a typical speed of 17 knots.

So not something you would like to encounter every day although of course there are some wise guys that love this sort of thing and attempt to get into the middle of the hurricane which is also known as the eye at every opportunity. Why? Just because, OK. People are strange. The sort of person that would also find becoming a lion tamer of interest too!

So what is the difference between hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons apart from the fact you only get an ‘oo’ in typhoon. Well the answer is rather surprisingly absolutely nothing at all! They are all basically large tropical storms. It depends where the action of the tropical storm is situated. If the event occurs in the South Pacific or the Indian Ocean then they are referred to as cyclones, if it is in the Northwest Pacific then it is known as a typhoon and to be classed as a hurricane then quite simply the giant storm has to occur in either the North Atlantic or Northeast Pacific Oceans.

So when preparing for a hurricane don’t just think of yourself, remember all the family around you too and provide for them too:


Checklist -With various options.

Firstly calculate how many persons will need to be catered for and an idea of how long you might be cut off with no help before you can be rescued.


Food and Water. How much you get in is so important so to reiterate, work out how many people you will need to prepare for. Ensure you have food and water and enough provisions for your family. Tinned items are the most sensible as they can’t be broken into without a lot of force. Don’t forget the tin opener. Also cutlery, plates and cups wouldn’t go amiss.

Medicines. Is any member of your family requiring tablets, ointments or medication and if so make sure they are available and up to date.

First Aid Kit. Provide a specialised first aid kit at the top end of the spectrum just in case. You can find these on ebay, Amazon, ebuyer etc.

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Pets. Don’t forget your little furry friends. Cats, dogs, fish, snakes, hamsters, tortoise etc. Make sure they are in a safe environment such as an animal specific cage, adequate box, bowl and so on. Remember they also need feeding and water too.


A sturdy and reliable cage for use with dogs you will find the Boon Bench 2 Door available at for €98.25 also provide decent crates such as the  Hundezwinger Hundekäfig Hundehaus 185x117x185cm Schweissgitter Elemente Zwinger that retails for €219.95

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Batton Down The Hatches. If there is news of an impending hurricane on the horizon then you could do worse than board up your property so all your windows have some kind of protection. A couple of hours work could save you thousands in money so it is worth having some spare wooden panels and boards preferably that fit your windows. So do a trial run before any mention of a hurricane. Better to be safe than sorry.

Vacating The Area. If you are given plenty of warning of a forthcoming hurricane then if the opportunity arises look at the simple idea of getting the heck out of the area. Evacuation is not a cowards way out. It is the sensible thing to do so take your close possessions, board up your property and get out of the place and stay with friends or family.

Documents. Make sure you have at least copies if not the originals of all important documentation such as passports, driving licences, credit cards etc.

Communication Devices. Make sure you have a mobile phone, laptop, Ipad or a number of these items available to communicate with the outside world, possibly even walkie talkies with your neighbours. Of course it is possible that you may have no signal and probable that there will be no electricity but in case it isn’t have these to hand anyway.

Spectacles/Hearing Aids. It might sound daft but why not take older versions of spectacles and hearing aids, prosthetics etc available in a box perhaps with any medications just so there are some spare items available for the users.

Blankets. For warmth provide enough spare blankets, pillows and sleeping bags ready just on the off chance you might be caught in the aftermath of a hurricane for a number of days perhaps in a basement area. provide some excellent blankets and sleeping bags such as the HYM Wandern Camping warmen Schlafsack Orange Rot Notfall Rettungsdecke (Size : 200cmx75cm) 93.93

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Torches/Batteries. Make sure you have a couple of torches (not matches! Strike one of those and if there is any kind of gas leak you could blow every one up to smithereens). Also have a variety of batteries that might be useful for an array of items.

Swiss Army Knife. You never know when you might need one and it doesn’t take up too much space so why not include one even if it is just to cut up your supply of apples. are selling this wonderful multi function pocket knife for £59.99.

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Cushions. If there are older people around then they need to be both warm and comfortable and although we have already mentioned blankets, cushions can be useful for a number of reasons such as for comfort, used as pillows etc.

Toilet Paper/Kitchen Rolls/Towels. These are essentials and should not be overlooked to any degree.

Move Your Car/Motor Bike To A Safe Area. Think your car might be hit then put it in an underground car park or at least your garage and cover it over and tie it down if plausible.

Move Your Valuables To A Safe Area. Have you got some art pieces or ornaments that are valuable to you and could get damaged. Take them off the wall or the mantlepiece or off of shelving units, wrap them up, cover them and put them in a safe place until the hurricane has disappeared.

Make A Plan. Sit down with your family and make a plan. Do you have grandparents in the house that require essentials that are simply for them. Prepare a notebook with future requirements.

These ideas in essence are just the basics but if you prepare well in advance, use that overlooked common sense, make a plan and work out what you need in advance then you will be well on your way to ensuring you and your family will be safe in the event of a hurricane.

Be safe. Be secure. Be ready. Be sensible.