Prepping For Famine and Food Shortages. 

As the world population booms to astronomical figures surely it is a matter of time until there is a world wide food shortage. As of July 2021 according to the United Nations 7.9 billion people currently roam around the planet. Considering there were only 1 billion living on earth in 1800 these are monstrous figures with a current annual growth of over 1.1% which equates to an extra 83 million in the year 2020 alone. Since 2010 an extra 900 million children under 10 have joined us and levels seem to be escalating to such a degree that feeding this over populated planet is going to be a huge problem in the future if it is not already.


If those are not scary enough figures then you have to look at the current climate change problems that the earth is experiencing and accept that things are going to get a lot lot worse before they are going to get any better. The human race appears to have jettisoned the planet into a cul de sac and getting itself out of an almighty pickle is going to be a hell of a contest for the citizens of earth.


With climate change we have already seen the wildfire season go off into bizarre and worrying extremities while temperatures have escalated so fast that records for both heat and cold temperatures are broken on an almost daily basis across the world. Floods are devastating large parts of the world and huge areas such as the Amazon Forest are just disappearing right before our eyes all thanks to the power and greed of the few.


So what is famine? Famine is a disaster zone where people experience an extreme shortage of food and food supply. The cause of famine includes everything from floods, heatwave or drought, crop failure, government-implemented policies such as dam building, war, and overpopulation. Some would think this only happens in parts of the world such as Asia, Africa or South America, however this can happen to anyone anywhere they may be. Famine duration can last for days, weeks, months, or even years!


So if the worst comes to the worst how can you prepare in advance to ensure that you have a head start over others in times of a food shortage crisis? Well the most interesting scenario of having the awful Cover 19 Coronavirus outbreak in the last couple of years is seeing what happened in your local supermarket with people who don’t prepare for a disaster. Instead what they perform in the most abnormal of circumstances in peculiar conditions is simple panic. In all the negativity of the virus situation, there was in fact a fantastic eye opener into what left the shelves in your local shop first, causing mayhem and chaos to those unpreppers, the totally scared, unprepared. Now we have gained first hand knowledge that items that will become scarce firstly are flour, water, soap, pasta and toilet paper. What an advantage we now have as preppers knowing what we should be stockpiling in the future. The perfect barometer of reaction from the human race.


Most people are not stockpiling food and water, and sanitary items. If you can do that one thing, you will be doing very well. Start out with just buying a few extra tins of food and bag of flour, etc. each week. The biggest tip I can give you is to start out with getting together a two week supply of food. Then work up to a month, then three months, then six months, then one year. Get your 2 weeks of water first before food needs. 1 gallon per day per person is very basic. You will be well hydrated, but may not have enough for sanitation needs at that quantity. But, start small, you’ll do just fine. Also remember to replenish your stocks every six to nine months so they would be good for consumption. Most likely, supermarkets and food shelves will be emptied out soon as we saw with Covid 19. You can also save up hundreds even thousands a year by buying in bulk.


Keep it to yourself! Don’t tell people you are prepping unless they are close friends and family because desperate people take desperate measures in times of need and the last thing you require in a famine is people stealing your hard earned prepping work! Another idea is to grow your own fruit and vegetables in either your garden or in a room indoors.


Another article in our prepping series, make sure you are ready just in case you are involved in the unlikelihood that there might be a food shortage. Ensure you are as well prepared as you can possibly be in the event that you might get caught out. Better to be as ready as you can in the situation.


As we always stipulate use your common sense and keep a hold of our checklist. Here are a number of essentials in case of a famine.


Checklist -With various options.


 Here is a list of a few areas we recommend.


Well the first thing I found in my research was the idea of a vertical indoor mini garden! A crackingly simple idea that I was mesmerised by and the choice available was excellent.


Indoor Garden.


One of the coolest that I found was the Minigarden Vertical Kitchen Garden for 24 plants, drip irrigation kit included. It can be set up free standing on the floor or for wall mounting, long service life (white). Available via the site for €148,36. Intuitive and easy assembly, mind you they all say that. It contains: 8 stackable plant containers, 8 covers with drainage device, 1 collecting cup, 48 fastening clips, drip irrigation set and wall fastening kit (4 stainless steel screws 5 x 40 with dowels). It’s an expandable modular system: elements of the Minigarden Vertical can be stacked on top of one another, placed next to one another or arranged back to back. It can be combined with the Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden One to create countless structures.


Indoor or outdoor use; suitable for all types of plants; patented technology; individual elements are designed in such a way that unwanted evaporation is prevented, while excess water flows into the collecting cup instead of to the plants below. Made of special, high-strength polypropylene; suitable for direct contact with food; contains additives to protect against UV rays, which is why the system can withstand the most extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperatures); expected lifespan of 10 years; reusable and recyclable; Available accessories: drip irrigation set and wall mounting kit included; Wall bracket sold separately; Manufacturer’s guarantee is 3 years and it is made in Portugal in case you were interested.


If you want to go top end and money isn’t an issue then the Plantcube is the perfect realisation. It looks like a cross between a mini fridge and a television set and is available from You can harvest fresh all year round. It Is fully automated and app-controlled. Without pesticides or genetic engineering. With up to 30x more nutrients. Avoid transport routes and packaging waste. Protect land, replacement water, reduce food waste. Here’s the crunch, €2999.00 for the basic model that includes a starter kit of 6x Seed bundles and 3 Seed bars and 1 set of Nutrient solution. They also offer the Innovators Package and the Health Year Package if you are happy and willing to shell out €3099.00 and €3299.00 respectively. Looks amazing though and if money ain’t no problem then it can look like part of the furniture in your home.


A third Indoor Garden that caught my eye comes from It’s a tent sized 150x120x200cm and is an Indoor Grow Tent Box Mylar Dark Room for Hydroponics Bud Seed Veg Flower Plant. It retails at €208.99 and get this…. it looks a bit like the Tardis on Doctor Who! It’s a MULTICHAMBER GROW TENT – You can use the two smaller chambers to start seedlings and grow microgreens or clone, and use the larger chamber for Veg or flower. You only need one grow tent to grow for any stage in plants development from seed to harvest. It’s the best choice for small space perpetual growing. Extra Thick Oxford – The Hydroponics Grow Crate is made from 1680D Oxford fabric, tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking. A touch convinced of the highest quality. The interior is highly reflective mylar-film, which makes an efficiency boost for lighting setups every configuration. And the surface of the tent is environmental friendly, non-toxic, no smell. It has a strong metal frame – 100% durable metal frame. The diameter of the steel tube is 16 mm. The steel tube with metal push-lock corners, supports and reinforces the thick roller-tent, which stands firmly and ensures safety and stability. High quality metal corner connectors, not easy to damage, more stable and stronger than the plastic.


Strong light proof – the tent blocks all light from escaping. Nylon explosion-proof zippers & double stitching and double-channel port housing to protect against light leaks. A detachable mylar bottom shell and a 95% light-proof, tear-resistant, reflective mylar lining increase the intensity of the lamps and retain heat to keep the tent at the right temperature for plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Popular Grow Tool – Indoor planting special tents, used with plant lights and ventilation and other devices together, is now the most popular cultivation methods so the manufacturer says. It is not affected by seasons and light, plants, fruits and etc. can plant in cold or lack of sunshine place. Also, you can be free to control temperature, humidity, light, etc., to eliminate or reduce the destruction of pests.


Food Storage Containers.


So if you are stockpiling food then it makes sense that you need some fairly robust and accommodating storage containers so here are a few that looked sleek and sexy but will get the job done. is the website for you if it you are on the hunt for a 56 Ltr Polycarbonate Container with Custom Cut lid. And let’s face it who isn’t these days. Seriously though this mean machine does the business, holds a lot of food, looks good and it has a huge temperature range. Stock Number is SVT-11007 and you are able to purchase this for €80.00.


Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these tough containers are suitable for temperatures from -40°C to +100°C. They remain cool to touch during cooking which enables efficient handling, and cleaning is simple as they are both non-stick and dishwasher-safe. With an overall capacity of 56 litres, the units exact dimensions are 200mm(h) x 650mm(w) x 530mm(d). The container fits allthe sous vide thermal circulator brands with 200mm depth – just select the particular lid you need according to your model of thermal circulator.


Meanwhile while over at the ever reliable HEWEI Rice Storage Containers Wheat Fiber Thickening Rice Storage Sealed Moisture Resistant Sealed Kitchen Storage Boxes Great for Muesli Spaghetti Candy Snacks (10kg). You can snap up this container

For $198.99, it has an elegant look and is great for storing the foods mentioned above. are selling the Araven Polypropylene 11 Gastronorm Food Storage Box which is 28Ltr. The reference is DL984 and it will set you back £111.97. This lovely specimen is an airtight gastronorm sized container with lid. Each container is supplied with a set of colour coding clips (red yellow green and blue) and permanent wipe clean label for easy identification of contents and simplified food rotation. Temperature range of -40C to 95C makes them ideal for use in any kitchen. Dishwasher proof.


Included are sets of colour clips included (red yellow green and blue) and it has a permanent wipe clean label fixed to each container dishwasher proof convenient for the busy kitchen. You get 4 of these race little numbers and the dimensions 200(h) x 530(w) x 325(d)mm.


Water Containers.


Ok, so there are a couple of options on the food container front but in addition to that you will need to store your water too.


Here are some options on the water front.


The plastic water tank camper Outdoor Travel Multifunctional Water Tank 200L Large Capacity White Beverage Water Container Dispenser Pitcher With Tap For Outdoor Camping Hunting Self-driving Tour Water Co can be found on It is priced at $198.18 plus 15 extra US dollars to ship and looks like something you might find on a farm. Having said that it more than looks like it can do a half decent job. Using High-density Polyethylene Food-grade Materials, Sufficient Materials, Integrated Molding Workmanship Technology To Ensure The Toughness Of The Bucket, With Super Strong Anti-fall And Pressure Resistance Characteristics, More Resistant To Acid And Alkali, Anti-aging, Not Easy To Deform And Durable, safe And Non-toxic, Acid And Alkali Resistant, Eco-friendly, Thick And Durable.


And what might one ask does it feature? Well, the Handle Of The Outdoor Bucket Conforms To The Ergonomic Grip Design, [thank the lord for that], the Grip Is Comfortable, Easy To Carry, Strong And Durable. It’s a portable Water Tank With Faucet, Strong Sealing, No Water Leakage, Handle Design, Easy To Transport. Excitingly it has a Large capacity Bucket, the Outdoor Water Tank Has 190L, Can Be Used As An Emergency Storage Bucket, Can Also Be Used For Water Storage, Storage Of Wine, Edible Oil, Vinegar, Chemical, Etc. Various Uses and i\cf2 \cb4 s also easy to clean, has a Super Large Caliber Design, Can Easily Reach Into The Hand, Avoids Breeding Bacteria, Strong And Easy To Twist The Lid, With Pv Soft Ring To Ensure That The Seal Does Not Leak.


If its volume you are after is 1000 litre storage enough? offer up the Daddy of storage water tanks. The 1000 liter IBC HDPE natural angular is up for grabs at €323,06.

1000L IBC-UN pallet tank on plastic pallet, galvanised tubular steel frame, tap DN50, opening 225mm, 31HA1 / Y / D . 1000 liter IBC HDPE natural angular. 1000 liter IBC pallet tank – opening 22 – UN-Y – tank on plastic pallet – DN 50 flap valve – galvanised tubular steel frame. Now that all sounds fascinating but at the end of the day it’s a big square storage tank that stores a lot of water. As long as it doesn’t leak then surely that is what you need?


So that is a basic interpretation of three significant areas you should consider when it comes to looking to give yourself a better chance of survival should there be any kind of food shortage. Whatever you do, plan well in advance and test out the equipment where appropriate. It is important to make an emergency plan and work out what you need in advance then you will be well on your way to ensuring you can survive a famine.


Be safe. Be secure. Be ready. Be sensible.