‘By Failing to PREPARE you are preparing to FAIL’
Benj Franklin

In this world of wonder we call earth there are always dangers that are lurking for man kind. There are an almost infinite of catastrophes that could happen to man at any moment in time both expected and unexpected. These range from an abundance of different types of wars through to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamies, unexploded bombs, droughts, floods, mudslides, avalanches, aeroplane disasters, forest fires, viruses, famines and so the list goes on.

The motto when I was in scouts in the UK, almost 45 years ago was always ‘be prepared’ and it is worth taking that simple fact into consideration at almost every opportunity as you just never know what is around the corner. Whatever the situation, you can make sure you are on the alert, ready and capable of ensuring you are in a strong position to be a survivor and have a head start over other members of the human race.

Prepping or survivalism as it is often called is proactively preparing yourself for emergencies, including natural disasters, as well as disruptions to social, political, or economic order.

The emphasis is on self-reliance, stockpiling supplies, and gaining survival knowledge and skills. Ensuring that there is adequate food and water, having medical supplies that will profoundly help you with injuries and pain and acquiring the perfect training for example in self defence that keeps you ahead of the pack are vital. 

Such a scenario may seem unlikely, so you may think that unless you live in areas where there is a hurricane season that the likelihood of encountering a hurricane is minimal. However, as someone who lived through the great unexpected hurricane of southern England in 1987 all I can say is ‘be on your guard’.

We think you should be armed with the required knowledge for any forthcoming consequencies in relation to emergencies and potential catostrophies, after all how does the saying rightfully dictate, ‘knowledge is power’ and that line is worth its weight in gold. How can you build your own shelter? What food and water will I require per day? What can I survive on? There are a thousand questions you could ask depending on the type of emergency you encounter.

So we feel it is our responsibility and our duty to provide to you a series of prepping features in regards to different positions and situations that you might potentially find yourself in at some juncture in the future. No one expects an emergency but if one occurs and you are ready for it then your chances of survival are far greater than those people around you who are unlikely to have your knowledge and understanding of survivalism with the ability to harness the art of prepping.