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January 13, 2020

One Saturday in Baltimore…

Thinking of visiting Baltimore, Maryland this year?
Think twice because things haven`t changed much over there at the start of a new decade. The previous ended with 347 homicides in 2019, which marked five years in a row with over 300 homicides. Last Saturday there was 8 separate shootings in Baltimore in which 12 people got shot and 5 ended up dead. This is mad! It`s a like a war zone out there!

Perhaps keep your business around the Inner Harbour area where you ass will be covered by this Heavily armored Command Center on 18 wheels 😀

Baltimore, Maryland / US – October 19, 2019 – Heavily armored windowless single wide 18 wheel trailer that is the mobile command center for the Baltimore City Police parked at the Inner Harbor.


I am now listening on YouTube this song for the first time as it automatically followed some previous song I searched for.
What shocked me a little was the number of views. 899 008 569 views. Almost 900 million in just over 3 years. That`s a crazy big number. How? Where? Wow! I guess I am not that big fan of hip hop as I thought I was.

I have a new website in my Bookmarks and it will surely also end up on the `Recommended` section as an interesting and unique source of news. I am waiting for DDdaily Developer to finally deliver me this very new section where I will more add stuff which I believe is worth recommending. Anyway thanks to this website you will never miss any meteor shower ever again! Unless it is a cloudy night 🙁
Website of American Meteor Society, which was founded in 1911 will give your reports about any #fireball that was spotted by people all over the globe. If you see any you can report it to them.