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January 13, 2020

One Saturday in Baltimore…

Thinking of visiting Baltimore, Maryland this year?
Think twice because things haven`t changed much over there at the start of a new decade. The previous ended with 347 homicides in 2019, which marked five years in a row with over 300 homicides. Last Saturday there was 8 separate shootings in Baltimore in which 12 people got shot and 5 ended up dead. This is mad! It`s a like a war zone out there!

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January 12, 2020

Taal Volcano eruption, Brexit countdown..

Todays most interesting news

Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines. Its first major eruption since 1977.
Another `sleeping` volcano that recently woke up. Back in 2011 National Geographic informed us that volcanoes switching its mode from sleeping to active is rather a matter of days than hundred of years! #volcano

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December 23, 2019

Pierwszy wpis. First one.

To be or not to be? So many important questions. Dużo łatwiej byłoby mi w ojczystym języku niż w drugim. Póki co to tylko test, a dla chcącego nic trudnego. Brakuje na tym blogu póki co możliwości dodania komentarza. Dodatkowo każdy wpis powinien być osobną podstroną? No i może dodawać godzinę wpisu? Albo data dodania i ostatnia aktualizacja jak to ma miejsce w wielu, także mainstreamowych serwisach? Ok dobra dość po polsku. English only from now one. Let the journey begin.

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